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Industrial Ingeniering and Real Estate of Plateaux

Our project is to create a zone of industrial activities in which will come first industrial unit that will manufacture the wooden houses built comfort, which will have a production capacity of 2,400 homes per year, to meet the needs in housing and in the region and beyond. Generating three real est

Aurora Project

20,400 hectare property with 21km shoreline frontage near a developing export processing zone. Available for agricultural, www.watchocean.net industrial and tourism development. The project is adjacent to the APECO Freeport Zone, a strategic airport and seaport-equipped development that faces the P

Bataan Project

587 hectare property is ideal for an exclusive beach club resort, a high-end seaside community & mountain retreat or other eco-tourism related projects. The land is presently suitable for agricultural and agro-industrial projects as it is already planted with various rootcrops, coconuts, mangoes